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In broadest terms, we can do almost anything you ask of us.

We anticipate that the choice of three alternative services will satisfy most of our clients. However, one of the advantages of being independent is that we can be totally flexible and if the combination of services that we offer does not suit your particular circumstances, please tell us and we will tailor our service accordingly.

We have three basic levels of service -


  • This is a fully comprehensive total Management and Letting Service, suitable for Landlords living out of the area or abroad or who, for whatever reason, do not wish to become involved in the day-to-day Management of their properties.


  • This service is only suitable for those Landlords who live close by, are able to keep an eye on their property and supervise maintenance and repairs, but do not wish to become involved in some of the more delicate areas of Management, such as rent collection, bringing Tenancies to an end, agreeing dilapidations with Tenants etc.
  • This is an excellent half way house between Full Management and Letting Only, whereby we maintain an ongoing involvement with your property and are on hand if you go away on holiday or run into problems.


  • This Service is only suitable for those Landlords who wish to actively manage their property themselves, but would like us to find them suitable Tenants.

We also provide a set of comprehensive services to landlords advising and aiding on the letting process and we are ‘buy to let’ specialists.

If you are interested in letting your property or just want a no obligation consultation, please complete the form below and we will contact you to answer any and all queries.

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